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This tool was developed as part of a research fellowship through the national, award-winning firm EskewDumezRipple, located in New Orleans, Louisiana. The goal of the 2020 fellowship was to better understand the differences between “good wood” and “bad wood,” investigate how architects can use wood in new ways (such as CLT, NLT, and DLT), and study practical responses to the common challenges faced by wood (termites, water, fire, and differential expansion).

Jake Elbrecht

EDR's twelve month 2020-2021 Research Fellow, Jake Elbrecht, initially became interested in mass timber during his graduate studies at Auburn University's Rural Studio, where he and three teammates built two stacked timber residential pods. After a 'hands on' academic approach, he has shifted to researching the implications of building with timber and developed this tool to understand how to size mass timber elements. Moving forward, he is interested in pushing the design of mid-rise mass timber construction as an alternative to traditional carbon-intensive materials. 

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